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Canetta Boronat Pack - 4 cans of orange wine

Canetta Boronat Pack - 4 cans of orange wine

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Francesc Boronat is 30 years old and cultivates his vines in his native village in Nulles with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean, south-west of Barcelona, in the region of Tarragona.
He is the creator of the Tanca Els Ulls estate, which means "close your eyes" in Catalan. Young instinctive winegrower, he makes lively, fresh, complex and precise wines.

The Malvasia di Candia is made up of vines planted in Nulles by Francesc's father, after a trip to Sicily. The orange wine, macerated for 5 days, is saline with aromas of orange zest, marzipan, white flowers and rosemary.
The Marine Carthusian monastery are located on a plot of clay-limestone soils concentrated in iron and pebbles, called the “Coster de Bellavista”. Cartoixa, an orange wine macerated for 5 days, has a darker, almost pinkish orange color and aromas of crisp red berries, garrigue and pink pepper.

This box contains:
- 2 cans of Marine Carthusian monastery
- 2 cans of  Malvasia di Candia
A box contains 4 cans of 187ml, the equivalent of a 750ml bottle of wine :)
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    Canetta: natural wines in a can

    Drink good, but in moderation! A Canetta = a glass and a half. As for our packs of four cans = one bottle. Ideal for going on a spree, picnicking, landing at sunset time or accompanying your meals on the go!

    Practical and light, the can is a quality container and offers ideal packaging for storing our natural and alternative wines. Our Canetta is provided with a special wine interior coating, and this is a first time in Europe!